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Other small adventure in the world

Car to Normandy and visited the Atlantic Wall

Motorcycle Holidays around Europe

Beach holidays in Spain, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Thailand

Christmas shopping in London, New York.

Parachuting in Gothenburg 18 times....

Scuba diving in Gothenburg

Lived in Chile (Valparaiso) 6 months

Diving trip in Thailand

Chile - Atacama Crossing, 250-kilometer footrace


4Deserts-Atacama Desert of Chile -- the driest place on Earth. The course begin in Machuca, Chile following the old Inca Trail and eventually winds down into the Valley of the Moon and Valley of Death - the same locations where NASA tests its Mars rover vehicles. The finish line in the Town Square of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, an oasis in the middle of the desert.

I completed my first desert race without major problems. It was with great joy that I received my first 4desert medal.

During the 250-kilometer / 150-mile event, competitors must carry their own personal gear, food and clothing in a backpack. The only assistance provided to them is water (plenty) for drinking and making food, tents to sleep in at night, and medical and management support

              EGYPT Sahara Crossing, 250-kilometer footrace



4Deserts are separated into four categories: subtropical, cool coastal, cold winter and polar. The 4 Deserts are located in the largest desert of each category, also representing the driest, hottest, coldest and windiest places on Earth. The course has been set up to pass through one of the most beautiful, pristine and untouched land on Earth

I completed my second desert race without major problems. It was with great joy that I received my second 4desert medal.

The Sahara Race is a self-supported race; competitors must carry everything they need for seven days on their backs. The average backpack weighs 9 kilograms / 20 pounds.

The Sahara Race is part of the 4 Deserts Race Series, named by TIME magazine as one of the Top 10 Endurance Competitions in the world.

    CHINA GOBI Crossing, 250-kilometer footrace


4Deserts Gobi Desert Is a desert that is different from previous deserts I competed in. Much goes on hard road and my hard shoes soon took its toll. After 150km it was stopped when the skin of my feet was gone. It got to hospital in the mountains where I spend a week before i was transported back to Sweden. News channel CNN wrote  ...>>Click here<<

    TANZANIA Kilimanjaro peak 5895m


Decided to climb Africa's highest mountain. The mountain is not a major problem to climb...

NEPAL Pokhara


I Paraglide in Pokharasom which is the main tourist resort in Nepal, located 210 km west of Kathmandu. The city is the capital of the district of Kaski and had 255 465 inhabitants at the 2011 Census, making it Nepal's second largest city...

NEPAL Rafting

Sun Koshi river rafting - classic river trip is famous for being one of the top ten river journeys in the world. The ever changing scenery helps to ensure that every day on the river is exciting and different. The beginning of the trip sees high mountains, open valley, forests and small remote villages



I walk to Mt Everest BC and climb two peaks along the way. My biceps goes of and I get evacuated during dramatically to Sweden

NEPAL Whitewater kayaking

Sun Koshi river kayaking - classic river trip is famous for being one of the top ten river journeys in the world. The ever changing scenery helps to ensure that every day on the river is exciting and different. The beginning of the trip sees high mountains, open valley, forests and small remote villages

NEPAL Bungy Jump

The world famous bungy jump...Location: Himalayas of Nepal

Access: 3 hours and 100 km outside Kathmandu by Resort Shuttle to within 12km of the Tibet Border.

The Gorge: Ultimate Bungy Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River.

Altitude: 3600 feet, which is 600 feet lower than Kathmandu.

The Bridge: Swiss designed, especially for bungy jumping with a 4x safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 41,500kg or 4.5 tonnes. And those are Swiss measurements! The Bungy bridge is the longest in Nepal and also the only privately owned bridge. Before its construction, locals walked five hours to cross this river gorge.

The Jump: Ultimate Bungy at The Last Resort in Nepal may be the most spectacular Bungy Jump on the Planet. This remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhote Kosi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet border is the longest Free-fall in the world. Designed, constructed and operated by very experienced Kiwis to exacting international standards your safety is guaranteed. It is Nepal's Ultimate Rush.

  USA Norwalk Fire department

I Was honored to work and spend one year with Larry Raymond of Norwalk fire depertment in connecticut.

It made me into a humble Persson.

The Norwalk Fire Department is comprised of the following divisions:

•Administration: Located at 121 Connecticut Ave- 3rd Floor

•Apparatus Maintenance : Located at 100 Fairfield Ave   

•Emergency Management : Located at 121 Connecticut Ave- 3rd Floor   

•Fire Prevention : Located at 121 Connecticut Ave- 3rd Floor 

•Fire Suppression : 5 Fire stations located through City 

•Training : Located at 121 Connecticut Ave- 3rd Floor

The department provides fire and rescue services to the public.

             Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park

I spent a few weeks with local fishermen in Thailand Khao Sok National Park. Here is some text that describes the experience good.

The Wonderous National Park

The Khao Sok National Park contains Thailand’s largest virgin forest and is older and more diverse than the Amazon jungles of South America. Stretching across 739 square kilometers, it is estimated to contain over 5% of the worlds species – only 30% of which have been identified!

Known for it’s dramatic teeth-like towering limestone cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, colorful wildlife and easy route access, Khao Sok National Park has been a favorite Southern Thailand destination since it’s inception in 1980. Breezy and beautiful most of the year, the weather is influenced by monsoon winds from both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Often referred to as “the wettest spot in Thailand,” the glorious lowland jungle of the Khao Sok National Park is Teaming with life of immense biodiversity and the curious colors of the many indigenous creatures, the park offers a multitude of well-worn dirt trails to explore. Rainy season begins in late April and lasts until December, with the heaviest rains between May and July, then October and November. But don’t let that stop you! The rain is often a welcome respite to the tropical heat. Not to mention the fact that … it is the RAINforest!

Some of the many wild animals found in the Khao Sok National Park include: Malayan Tapirs, Asian Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Sambar and Barking Deers, Bears, Guars, Bantengs, Serows, Wild Boars, Pig Tailed Macaques, Langurs, White-handed Gibbons, Squirrels, Muntjacs, Woodpeckers and Hornbills


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