Little Creatures: kängurukött & egentillverkad ”coldie”

My home in 30 days


The camper worked without problems and it is just right for two people. The cost is around SEK 25-30,000 for 30 days and then insurance is included. Fully equipped with everything needed

Capricorn caves


It wasn't planned but one afternoon when I was driving I stumbled across a sign "Caves"

A little crooked dirt road for a while and there were the caves. The story is quite interesting (Google)

t was first discovered in 1881 by a Norwegian migrant John Olsen. He went on to claim the land under a lease hold title and open the attraction publicly in 1884. The property was later reclassified to free hold land and is today one of the largest privately owned cave systems in Australia. The attraction is open to the public and is one of the longest-running tourist attractions in Queensland.



Townsville scenic flights

This movie star is gracing the skies above beautiful Townsville and Magnetic Island in North Queensland.

Soar over Townville and Magnetic Island in this historical Grumman Ag-Cat "Snoopy", open copit bi- plane. Taking off on the waters adjacent to the Strand, you will see the vibrant Port and the Townsville CBD and follow the Ross River up towards James Cook University. Admire the impressive Mount Stuart before flying past Townsville International airport, back around the monolithic Castle Hill. If you’re up for it, ask the pilot for some adrenaline pumping manoeuvres. Complete the journey with a breath taking low level pass at 50ft in front of the Strand before landing.

Gyrocopter Flight



A gyroplane, is a type of rotorcraft which uses an unpowered rotor in autorotation to

develop lift, and an engine-powered propeller, similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft,

to provide thrust. While similar to a helicopter rotor in appearance, the rotor blades of a

gyroplane are not powered. The rotor turns because of the passage of air through the rotor

from below. A separate engine/propeller provides forward thrust. In the event of an engine

failure, the gyroplane will descend, but the main rotor blades will continue to rotate and

provide lift due to the continued airflow through them. Throughout flight, the gyroplane is

therefore in a continuous state of autorotation and behaves similarly to a fixed wing aircraft,

except that its wing rotates.



Superb, what a fantastic morning.....


After getting up at daft o’clock, we jumped in the car to meet the balloon crew and experience something very special.


After a quick set up it was into the air... and what a perfect setting. Clear sky’s and a light breeze to boot. 


Thomas our pilot was a legend with timing his burners and basket rotations perfectly turning the experience into a well choreographed set of moves. 

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Cairns

To all divers from all over the world who are planning to come to dive in North Queensland, do not under any circumstances spend your money to come in January-March. This is the cyclone season for North Queensland. Rain is a routine everyday.

Yes, dive companies would welcome you during this time of the year, they will provide the same good service all year round, and the number of dives promised would not be missed. It is just that the sea and the skies would not cooperate. 

I went on a 5D4N liveaboard trip, water visibility is just less than 5m. Easy enough to lose your buddy during a dive. Night dives are just a waste of money and time, all you see is sand grains falling like snow in front of your torch. The wave current was too strong, any diver would be ramming coral heads at a depth above 6m. 

I am not condemning the whole idea of diving during the cyclone season. Of course, you would see the same creatures like turtles, dolphins, sharks during this time, you just need to do many dives to increase your chances and be lucky enough to randomly get closer than 5m distance to be able to notice one. Hire a dive guide to guarantee encounter because they know the dive sites better.

To conclude, do not think of a dive trip during the cyclone season, especially those who come from far around the world, been saving large sums of money to see the Great Barrier Reef. You wouldn't be seeing the real image of the world's no.1 dive site at this time. To guarantee that, plan your trip during September to November, the time where all those brochure and website photos were taken.

Pictures coming soon

Sea life mooloolaba shark dive


Yes, the shark dive sounds a bit hokey but I wanted to do it. I'm a regular scuba diver and I found it amazing. The visibility in a huge tank is vastly superior to anything I'll experienced anywhere in the ocean. As promised, there are 20 different species of sharks and rays; mostly sharks. For many of the species, there were three of four examples. There were a lot of sharks. None of the sharks in the tank are "man eaters" like Great Whites or Tigers. There were Leopard, Gray Reef, White Tip, Black Tip, Wobbegongs and others that I couldn't name. Many of them were very good size - A number of them over 2 meters. One of the rays was 2 meters by 4 meters. The think is, when you are diving, you may see one or the other of these animals for a few seconds, at a distance. In this massive tank you are within inches of these creatures during the entire time. (And no, the animals are not cramped, the tank is massive.) Also, when you're diving, you usually keep moving. In the tank, you are simply standing around on the bottom of the tank looking; it makes observation a whole lot easier. ..Suddenly, they have stopped diving with sharks without explanation

Skydive Hervey Bay


What a great company to do a sky dive with, weather you're a seasoned jumper or this is your first time the guys here are very professional and easy going. Pete who runs the place is really extremely knowledgable. I jumped with Steve who was brilliant. I cannot recommend these guys enough. It was heaps of fun and I'd certainly go again and recommend to others. Top job boys, one of the best days I've had.

Fraser Island Tours


During my trip on Fraser Island I took the opportunity to visit


Basin Lake

Lake McKenzie

Eli Creek

Maheno Shipwreck

75 Mile Beach

Champagne Pools


What a beautiful island



Parachute jumping

Whale Watching


As these amazing creatures migrate north to the warmer waters, to give birth or mate, and return South with their newborn calves, they enchant passengers with a journey of a life time.This awesome journey is a captivating experience as these 40 Ton Humpback whales breach, wave their pectoral fins and slap their tails before your eyes.


I will post my movies photos later


Giant Minjin Jungle Swing


The Minjin Jungle Swing and Bungy Jumping site is only 15 minutes north of Cairns set in flourishing tropical rainforest. The Minjin Jungle Swing flies through the rainforest at speeds of up to 120km p/h in only 3.5 seconds.




             >> MOVIE  <<

Bungee Jumping Tower Cairns


The AJ Hackett Cairns Bungy jump site is a 50-metre tower which takes you over the beaches, tropical rainforest and beyond - but not for long as you take the plunge! The fall will have your heart pumping and the adrenalin rushing all the way down!


It was with a smile I threw myself out. A great sense of weightlessness. My first jump was in Nepal 3ggr higher but this was quite ok



 >>Movie 1<<


  >>Movie 2 <<


Wildlife australia at Walkabout Park


My interest in animals and nature made me visit the Australian Wildlife at Walkabout Park. To see crocodiles, Wombats, Birds, spider in reality is an experience not to be missed. Read more on their page



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