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5 weeks in camper van

Flying Red Baron

Flying in an open cockpit wind in the hair, with ww1 flying ace Paul, is a magical way of viewing magnetic island and Townsville. A truly amazing experience not to be missed

5 weeks in camper van

An amazing journey

Sea life mooloolaba shark dive


Yes, the shark dive sounds a bit hokey but I wanted to do it. I'm a regular scuba diver and I found it amazing.

  The visibility in a huge tank is vastly superior to anything I'll experienced anywhere in the ocean. As promised, there are 20 different species of sharks and rays; mostly sharks.

  For many of the species, there were three of four examples. There were a lot of sharks. None of the sharks in the tank are "man eaters" like Great Whites or Tigers. There were Leopard, Gray Reef, White Tip, Black Tip, Wobbegongs and others that I couldn't name. Many of them were very good size - A number of them over 2 meters.

One of the rays was 2 meters by 4 meters. The think is, when you are diving, you may see one or the other of these animals for a few seconds, at a distance. In this massive tank you are within inches of these creatures during the entire time. (And no, the animals are not cramped, the tank is massive.)

Also, when you're diving, you usually keep moving. In the tank, you are simply standing around on the bottom of the tank looking; it makes observation a whole lot easier. ..Suddenly, they have stopped diving with sharks without explanation



Superb, what a fantastic morning.....

After getting up at daft o’clock, we jumped in the car to meet the balloon crew and experience something very special.

After a quick set up it was into the air... and what a perfect setting. Clear sky’s and a light breeze to boot. 


Thomas our pilot was a legend with timing his burners and basket rotations perfectly turning the experience into a well choreographed set of moves. 

Bungee Jumping Tower Cairns


The AJ Hackett Cairns Bungy jump site is a 50-metre tower which takes you over the beaches, tropical rainforest and beyond - but not for long as you take the plunge! The fall will have your heart pumping and the adrenalin rushing all the way down!


It was with a smile I threw myself out. A great sense of weightlessness. My first jump was in Nepal 3ggr higher but this was quite ok




Skydive Hervey Bay


What a great company to do a sky dive with, weather you're a seasoned jumper or this is your first time the guys here are very professional and easy going. Pete who runs the place is really extremely knowledgable. I jumped with Steve who was brilliant. I cannot recommend these guys enough. It was heaps of fun and I'd certainly go again and recommend to others. Top job boys, one of the best days I've had.


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