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Parachuting-Climbing mountains-Diving in Wrecks-Running in Desert-Wing walking


The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series is widely recognized as the most PRESTIGIOUS FOOTRACE series in the world

The series consists of the Namibia Race  (before Sahara) when I competed, Gobi March (Mongolia), Atacama Crossing (Chile) and The Last Desert (Antarctica). Competitors in the races traverse 250 kilometers in seven days over rough country terrain with only a place in a tent and water provided. They are supported by highly qualified staff, all with experience in hiking, marathons and ultramarathons, and medical teams specializing in wilderness medicine. Read more

Atacama Race 2008 Became my first marathon ever..

After recently having surgery on my biceps I injured on Mt Everest, I decided on a new challenge. Stumbled across 4 deserts on the internet. This sounded like a good challenge as you only need stubbornness and feet.

After training with a backpack throughout the cold dark Swedish winter. Was it like a relief when the first desert heat reaches me. But this became my biggest challenge ever. 

But more deserts came into my life. Read more here

Atacama Race

Sahara Race

Gobi Race


There are some adventures missing from the list but I am working on it.

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