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Khao Sok National Park

3 days in the Jungle

Cheow Lan Lake

Did you know that you can hike up a mountain in the lake?  (Khaosok National Park)

Did you know that you can go jungle walking up a waterfall and track down wild animals like the Great hornbill and the illusive Tapirs? Me neither, until I went deeper into the park beyond backpacker's reach and into the wilderness where I was able to experience wildlife flourishing in front of my eyes.

If you are looking for the best place to go in Thailand, the Khaosok National Park is hard to beat.

Khao Sok National Park. Deep in the succulent thickets of this 300 million year lowland jungle, known as the wettest spot in Thailand, you will be delighted to find Khao Sok’s emerald jewel – Cheow Lan Lake.

About Cheow Lan Lake

This magnificent man-made lake covers approximately 185 square kilometres. Emerging from the cool water are limestone karsts, traces of a coral reef system that once stretched from Borneo to China. These dramatic limestone formations, some of which reaching an impressive 960m, are dense with cycad palms that have thrived since the dinosaur-era and host a spectacular array of life.

Cheow Lan Lake formed in 1982 by a shale-clay dam called Ratchaprabha. Since its tucked away in the thickets of Khao Sok National Park – an area that remains relatively untouched and protected. Therefor the environment thrives and teems with magical biodiversity. The scenic body of water stretches its klongs (Thai word for river or waterway) inland reaching out for the rocky ridges and crags.

How To Get To Khao Sok

There are many ways to get to the Khao Sok lake. You can take a private taxi which is expensive but convenient, a shared minivan  which I prefer or a public bus. The best way for me was to take the minivan from Surat Thani city to Baan Ta Khun which should cost you no more than 300 baht and then the tour agency I went with transferred me to the national park.

You can also take a minivan from Krabi or even Koh Lanta directly to Khao Sok or from anywhere to Surat Thani where you can find many minivans going to Khao Sok National Park

Stayed for three days and had a wonderful adventure. Went to Phi Phi Island and dived around wrecks there before I returned home to Sweden