Climbing, Whitewater kayaking, Paragliding. Bungy etc

Nepal Expedition

Nepal has been a dream since childhood. Now I wanted to discover as much as possible.

I landed in Kathmandu. The adventure could begin


Booked a hotel room in the center of Kathmandu. Forgot earplugs and heard honking cars all night. Crowds of people in small alleys and bicycle rickshaw.

My first day in Nepal was emotional.  Nepal is a sea of color with saffron, indigo, marigold and emerald. The colors hit your senses at every turn, as does the sheer size of the crowds, vehicles and motorbikes on the streets. As for the smells, think rich Asian  spices, exhaust fumes and incense. In Kathmandu, the sounds are a cacophony of horns from every conceivable kind of vehicle.

Woke up early from a road work outside. Ate breakfast at the hotel and found some brochures. After a few cups of coffee, I walked to "The Last Resort" office. Booked white water kayaking, bungy, Tiger safari in Chitwan, Mt Everest flight tour, flight to Pokhara.

Everest mountain flight sightseeing.


The bus to Chitwan Jungle safari as it is now called today, leaves only a short time so I was in a hurry. When I reach the bus, all seats are occupied. So I climbed onto the roof and among the chicken cages, luggage I sat down. This became exciting trip with power lines just overhead. But I was not alone. There were more of us who had to duck on the way down to Chitwan.

Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal. The sad story behind Chitwan jungle is that after it received national park status, the indiginous tribes that made their homes and livelihoods here were forced to leave the jungle.  They were left homeless and jobless. Chitwan National Park was sadly a popular hunting ground for many years, drastically reducing the number of rare rhinos, tigers and elephants found here. Due to careful conservation efforts (spurred on by tourist activity) numbers are on the rise.

Now that the boring information is out of the way, let’s have a look at what you can really expect from a Chitwan jungle safari. 

I chose a hiking jungle safari because I was not sure about the treatment of elephants used for the elephant jungle tours. I recommend that you read the question carefully before deciding on the best way to see the Chitwan jungle. You have several options available when booking your Chitwan jungle safari. You can book a jungle elephant trip, where you get to explore the Chitwan jungle at the back of an elephant.

Obviously, it sounds pretty amazing to be up close and personal with these incredible creatures, and the other benefit of this is that you get to ride across the jungle yourself, giving you a better chance to discover some of the wildlife. The downside is the obvious use of animals for tourism (as I said, research a bit and decide what you feel comfortable with). The other potential downside (again, do your own research) is that we were told that the elephant jungle safaris in Chitwan do not take you across the river to the denser jungle.

There are plenty of wildlife on the inhabited side of the river, but that might be something to keep in mind if you wanted to be a little more concerned! Another option is a hiking safari in the Chitwan jungle. It is legal for two guides to follow you into the jungle for your own protection. On a hiking trip, make sure you request to be taken across the river, so that you can explore the dense jungle there. They also do jeep rides, although I do not really know how many animals you actually see from a loud car racing around in the jungle! Especially when my guide was worried that our footprints were too loud!

I fell asleep late at night and woke up early. Went out the door and stumbled across a 5 meter long python snake. (see photo). A beautiful animal and had to move it down to the water. Went on a safari in the jungle all day and the next day I took the bus back. Inside the bus.

When I arrive in Kathmandu, I change buses to "The Last Resort" campsite. A few hours later and through beautiful landscapes, I arrive.


The Last Resort in Nepal is set amidst sprawling terraced slopes, suspended on a high cliff-top gorge above the wild Bhote Kosi River and surrounded by dense jungle and pristine forest. Uniquely crafted in local stone, wood, and slate, the resort has an intimate dining hall with centuries-old wood-carving where delicious home-style food is served.

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, The Last Resort is the place to stay.

Could hardly wait to paddle. And barely got my lunch before it was time

Tumbling from the snow-capped peaks of Tibet, the Bhote Kosi river provides some of the most exciting rafting and kayaking in Nepal, and is quite possibly one of the best short river trips offered anywhere in the world. It was both fun and exciting. The river has a very fast current and a lot of eddies

Stayed 2 days and rested, paddled and had a nice time.

Back in Kathmandu I got on a bus again and this time Bungy Day Trip on the menu

Bungy Day Trip

I leave Kathmandu at 10 am The journey is about 3.5 hours with a couple of tea breaks along the way. I can see the bridge 5 minutes before I arrive!

I was introduced to the staff, who gave me safety information, weighed me and gave me a time slot. Then just keep the mental calm until my turn!

Bungee Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River in the beautiful gorge with the altitude of about 3600 feet. Even though I parachuted 30 jumps, this was a good adrenaline rush. A must for you who want to try to jump from a suspension bridge

One more thing from my Bucket list done. After staying a day in Kathmandu, I took a flight to wonderful Pokhara.


Pokhara is the most beautiful place I have been. Surrounded by high mountains lies this oasis of greenery and water. I booked a room near Phewa Lake.

Then it was a walk to transport for paragliding. We were driven up a steep mountain to a rock wall. This became our starting point. After getting the wing in place, it was just a matter of running straight out of the cliff. Floats in a circle and tries to catch wind that takes me up. After constantly howling altimeters, I land in the field. A wonderful trip if I did not have a little hangover.

The spin made me a little sick.

After refilling my stomach with a light lunch, I took the transport to the International Mountain Museum.

History has always interested me and here is everything about Mt Everest. Exciting afternoon. The next day I fly back to Kathmandu.

Mt Everest 

04.00 The day started with several cups of coffee as usual. Now it was time to head to Mt Everest. One week hiking and acclimatization week. The flight to Lukla leaves at 07.00 in the morning depending on the weather.


Google “world’s most dangerous airport” and the Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal, consistently makes it onto the list. The geography of the airport’s location combined with factors such as a very short runway and limited electricity make this airport one of the world’s most dangerous. Add in the fact that several of the airlines that fly in and out of Lukla have such poor safety records that they are black-listed by European Commission, and you have quite a dangerous situation on your hands.

Since I knew all this, I willingly signed up for this flight to Lukla. My real adventure, hiking to Everest base camp, started well before I set foot in front of the other on the trail. The adventure really began at an airport in Kathmandu.


These fears are not unfounded. In 2008, a plane crashed when he landed in Lukla and killed all 18 passengers on board, only the captain survived. In 2013, a helicopter crashed when he landed in Lukla and killed a passenger. There have been a number of other crashes at Lukla, which has resulted in injuries to passengers and crew. Of course, this airport does not have a good safety record.

At 6:15 at Tribhuvan International Airport, I boarded a Nepal Airlines Twin Otter aircraft. This was one of the craziest things I've ever done, and I've done a lot of crazy things! I sat down, had cotton stuffed in my ears to muffle the engine noise. Suddenly a voice in the speakers tells us to go to the waiting room at the airport. Once there, a woman says that the flight is canceled. Circumstances unknown. It turns out that the pilots were not sober enough. Since there were several who booked, we decided to rent a helicopter. We packed everything and soon we were in the air. But we flew into bad weather and the visibility was poor.

The pilot had to make an emergency landing at a small military post. It turns out to be soldiers from famous Gurkhas. The Gurkhas are soldiers from Nepal who are recruited to the British Army and have been for the past 200 years. Gurkhas are known to be as fearless in battle as they are good-natured in daily life. Even today, they are known for their loyalty, professionalism and bravery I took a bottle of whiskey from my backpack and went to the boss. Asked if he would share it with me and he told me a bit about Gurkhas. It was one of the nicest nights in a long time. Now I had a friend for life and we sat up all evening. In the morning I got a bear hug and honor when we got on the helicopter again.

That's why I like to travel. Meetings with different people. The journey continued in a helicopter and soon Lukla airport in sight. We landed safely (Watch movie). With a backpack on, I started the hike towards Mt Everest.

Day 01-02

Fly to Lukla & trek to Phakding

Day 03

Trek to Namche Bazaar (3450m)

Day 04

Rest day (acclimatization Day) in Namche Bazaar

Day 05

Trek to Thyangboche(3864 m)

Day 06

Trek to Dingbche (4415 m)

Day 07

Trek to Lobuche(4930 m)

Day 08

Trek to Everest Base Camp (5345 m) Via Gorak Shep & Back to Gorak Shep for sleep (5184 m)

Day 09-10

Helicopter evacuation

Shortly after arriving at Mt Everest, during a climb on an ice wall, my biceps broke. It took two days down to a temporary medical station due to a snowstorm. From there evacuated by helicopter to Kathmandu in dramatic forms and then ambulance flight to Gothenburg Sweden.

Farewell  Nepal!!

I will update the page with more photos and stories about what happens on MT Everest. Stay up to date

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