Various Challenges

AeroSuperBatic Wingwalkers, in Cirencester (Gloucestershire)

You can ride in a plane or jump. Now it was wingwalking for me. 

If you are over the age of 18, under 6ft 2”, weigh up to 14st, why not go wingwalking?


Boeing Stearman biplanes have 450hp Pratt and Whitney radial engines and have been specially

adapted for wingwalking under Civil Aviation Authority regulations. They are maintained to Civil

Aviation Authority requirements and have a current Certificate of Airworthiness.

Wingwalking Rig & Harness

You will be secured in to the wingwalking rig on the top wing by a Civil Aviation Authority approved

safety harness. The harness is fastened and then secured by a second locking system called a locking pin.  

This locking pin protects the harness from accidental opening


1980 I jumped my first parachute jump in Gothenburg. There were 18 jumps that summer.

Looking for photos (Stay updated)


I was a young 18 year old and the adventure of my life awaited.

The Coastal Rangers are an elite special force from Sweden and they are part of the Amphibious platoon in the Swedish Navy. Their main role, in the event of war, would be to retake islands and parts of the Swedish coast from the enemy. The Coastal Rangers, in Sweden known as Kustjägarna, undergo a rigorous training and selection process and they are one of the most highly trained units in the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF).

The Coastal Rangers are equipped and trained for insertions from the sea, mostly using a boat called Warboat 90. The special-made boat is 15 metres long and capable of speeds over 35 knots. It can stop very quickly indeed – from 35 to 0 knots within 10 metres! The Coastal Rangers are also trained for silent insertion with a special-made canoe.

The Commando selection to become member of the Coastal Rangers includes a forced march (70 kilometres with 20 kg pack to be completed in24 hours),  The Ranger course includes also canoeing 200 kilometres in 48 hours.S

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Worked for 6 months at Station 3 in Norrwalk. 

Station Three
56 Van Zant St.

Chile Valparaiso

I got married and moved to Chile.

Started "Eurosoft Ltd" and repaired computers.

The colonial city of Valparaíso presents an excellent example of late 19th-century urban

and architectural development in Latin America. In its natural amphitheatre-like setting, the

city is characterized by a vernacular urban fabric adapted to the hillsides that are dotted with a great variety

of church spires. It contrasts with the geometrical layout utilized in the plain. The city has well preserved its

interesting early industrial infrastructures, such as the numerous ‘elevators’ on the steep hillsides.

Historic Road trip

Drove a car through history. First stop U995 Kiel then Caen Normandy. 


Pointe du Hoc,


Museum and the Merville Battery site


Gold Beach

Utah Beach

Drove down to wonderfully beautiful Mont Saint Michel Castle.

Mont Saint Michel Castle

Mont Saint Michel (usually written Mont St Michel) is situated on an island off the coast of the area of Lower Normandy in the north of France. This place is the country’s most picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Mont Saint Michel is not just a castle; it is categorized as a medieval island village that has been elegantly sitting on a rock for centuries to the admiration of locals and visitors.

If you are looking to spice up your holiday experience in France, Mont St Michel offers something different from the rest of the cities in Normandy. For example, the Benedictine Abbey rises hundreds of feet high on a small rocky island in the middle of extensive sandbanks exposed to strong tides; this is one of the highlights here. And as you will see, Mont St Michel surrounds the Abbey, which is the island’s most famous monument.

Here are Interesting Facts About Mont St Michel:Mont St Michel was Conceived in a Dream

One night in 780 A.D, the Bishop Aubert of Avranches conceived a vision. In the vision, he saw Archangel Michael, who instructed him to build a place of worship on Mount Tomb at the mouth of the Couesnon River. The bishop ignored the instruction at first, then the Archangel made a hole in his head to remind him, speaking softly, ‘build it and they will come’.

Rightly, pilgrims come in their droves from different parts of Christendom since then to worship here. When you visit, you will see Aubert’s skull on display at the Saint-Gervais d’Avranches basilica with the Archangel’s scar.

The English Failed to Conquer Mont St Michel

In the course of the Hundred Years’ War, England made incessant attacks on Mont St Michel but could not seize it owing to the Abbey’s reliable fortifications. Besieging the island in 1423-1424 and 1433-1434, the English troops under Thomas de Scales left two cannons when they gave up the siege. Referred to as ‘les Michelettes’, visitors can still find them on-site to commemorate the invincible fortress, which is said to be protected by God.

Travels further in History and ends up in Bastogne


Bastogne is a city in Wallonia, Belgium, located near the border with Luxembourg. The city has 15,700 inhabitants. The city became famous during World War II during the Ardennes offensive. Under Field Marshal von Rundstedt, the Germans launched one last major offensive in northern Luxembourg and eastern Belgium


Bastogne War Museum

Mardasson Memorial

101st Airborne Museum

11th Armored M4 Sherman Tank


On the way home I visited Dachau. One of the first concentration camps to be built.