SWEDEN Coastal Ranger


Around 1980s

I was a young 18 year old and the adventure of my life awaited.

The Coastal Rangers are an elite special force from Sweden and they are part of the Amphibious platoon in the Swedish Navy. Their main role, in the event of war, would be to retake islands and parts of the Swedish coast from the enemy. The Coastal Rangers, in Sweden known as Kustjägarna, undergo a rigorous training and selection process and they are one of the most highly trained units in the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF).

The Coastal Rangers are equipped and trained for insertions from the sea, mostly using a boat called Warboat 90. The special-made boat is 15 metres long and capable of speeds over 35 knots. It can stop very quickly indeed – from 35 to 0 knots within 10 metres! The Coastal Rangers are also trained for silent insertion with a special-made canoe.

The Commando selection to become member of the Coastal Rangers includes a forced march (6.5 kilometres with 20 kg pack to be completed in 42 minutes), and a steeplechase course over water and land across 65 kilometres with a pack. The Ranger course includes an endurance march with full pack and canoeing 200 kilometres in 48 hours.